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We are here to ensure that clients get the most out of their retirement plan, resulting in long-term comfort and peace of mind that comes from efficient retirement planning. We understand what financial security can provide and aim for success as defined by each individual.

The Advantage


We are a small, yet highly specialized 401K advisory and investment management firm in Greenville, S.C. with sponsors located across the Southeast. Our specialty is taking existing plans, pinpointing problem areas and suggesting changes that will increase efficiency and maximize the desired outcome for each individual.


What most people need is a better process, not a completely new plan and that is where our strength lies. The combination of our experience, proven success and emphasis on strong, ongoing personal relationships with our sponsors make our services invaluable to those with a desire to secure their financial future after retirement.


Our goal each and every day is to help you get the most out of your 401K savings and investments by making sound, fact-based decisions accumulated through our expertise, proven success, and genuine desire to see your financial situation improve.

Meet The Team

We are a company built on appreciation for the individual, whether in relation to one another, business owners or each individual employee. Both internally and externally, we understand everyone defines success differently, and each of our employees acknowledges and appreciates the person, family or corporation behind each plan we safeguard.

Tripp Welch, AIF®

Managing Partner

If you look in Tripp's desk drawer, you will find every golf ball from every round of golf that he has ever broken par. This type of methodical discipline is what makes Tripp such a strong financial advisor. He values the deep, personal relationships he forms with each client and is aware that his skills of precision and discipline offer his clients security, freedom, and comfort.

Tripp's discipline was honed while he attended college at The Citadel, as well as his ability to be honest, calm, practical, and dutiful. He has been in the financial business for 25 years. Prior to forming Match Grade with Carson, Tripp led the charge at Welch Benefit Group. His talent of defining and managing Match Grade’s process for efficiency makes him an invaluable resource for the company.

Tripp believes in doing the right thing and doing it quickly. He accepts any task he is charged with completing and gets it done. By asking questions and listening intently, he ensures that the task is executed well. Outside of work, Tripp enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, exercising, traveling, and having deep discussions.


O: 864.250.0661 x1

C: 864.906.3862


Richard C. Vaughan

Enrolled Actuary - 401(k) Consultant

Rick’s dedication, determination, and loyalty were apparent at a young age when he became an Eagle Scout. He uses those same skills as he develops a relationship with plan sponsors and their employees in order to assist them in meeting their long term financial goals.

Rick received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Clemson University. He has a wealth of knowledge based on his 35 years of experience. Over the years, he has worked with countless business owners and their professional advisors in order to create retirement programs that meet the objectives of management. With experience in qualified plan consulting, recordkeeping, and government reporting services, Rick is an invaluable resource and advisor for Match Grade.

Away from work, Rick loves his grandkids, snow skiing, spending time at the lake, and cheering on the Clemson Tigers.


O: 864.250.0661 x4

C: 864.421.4784


J. Carson Vaughan, QKA, CPFA

Managing Partner

When Carson was a child, he wanted to be a carpenter when he grew up. Although he may not be building with wood today, he is helping his clients build strong retirement funds in order to have peace of mind for the future. In fact, Carson’s favorite part of being a retirement investor is meeting new people and ultimately being able to strengthen their financial future.

Before partnering with Tripp to create Match Grade, Carson was the President of Retirement Funding Advisors, LLC in Greenville, South Carolina. Carson has over 15 years of experience in the areas of qualified retirement plan design and investment consulting, as well as extensive experience in the employee education aspect of retirement plans. This understanding helps him develop a retirement program that is truly beneficial to the employees of the plan sponsor.

As a graduate of Clemson University, Carson loves Clemson football. He also loves his family, his puppy Finley, and outdoor activities like snow skiing, hunting, and going to the lake.


O: 864.250.0661 x3

C: 864.430.8544


Laura Bedford

Client Manager

Laura loves to stay busy. In fact, if she could possess a superpower, she would choose to have the ability to be in multiple places at the same time. Whether she’s doing CrossFit, coaching lacrosse, or spending time with family, you will most likely always find her on the go. This ability to multitask serves her well in helping to come up with processes and run the operations at Match Grade.

Laura graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2009 with a BA in Psychology. She began her financial career at Northwestern Mutual in 2011, and then started working with Welch Benefit Group in 2018. Connecting with clients on a personal level and finding out what they’re passionate about is what she enjoys most about being a client manager. Laura appreciates guiding her clients to a place of financial security and comfort, but she also loves to catch up with them about what’s going on in their lives.

Along with exercising and family time, Laura also takes pleasure in going to the beach (or any area surrounded by water), hiking, camping, reading, and cooking.


O: 864.250.0661 x4

C: 864.250.0661



If you are looking to build a strong, ongoing personal relationship with experts in the field of retirement management, we encourage you to hear what we have to offer. No matter where you are in the retirement process, we can fine tune your plan to maximize your financial future.

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